Dainaa Sharma
Dainaa Sharma

About Us

We are not just like another Escorts Service Provide in Mumbai. Our Service is clearly different from the others. As we Provide Independent Escorts like Students, Air Hostess and Models.

We are the best Escorts service provider in Mumbai, offers our service to high class personals only. So we know the taste of our clients, we know what you want, why you pay for. Thats why we provide Beautyful, Sexy and Curvy Escorts in Hyderabad.

Well I will tell you a little about myself, I am an easygoing girl that's patient, warm and loving. I am not all peaches and cream (mostly though) I do have a wicked sense of humour! I am very sociable and love to chat so don't worry if you are the quiet, nervous type, there will be no awkward silences with me around. I think I have just made myself sound like I talk constantly, I don't, honest! My personality is sincere through and through, which you would be able to tell as soon as we meet. I have no time or even energy to make up a whole pack of lies about my life and me, plus I would probably forget them anyway! I am genuine, and I also want to enjoy our time together too. I will guarantee that you will feel instantly at home with my friendly nature and infectious cute smile!

By the way along with my cute smile I do own a fair pair of legs, although they are not up to my armpits, they are fabulously slim and toned. all the way up to my sensational behind that, yes you guessed it, two tight, firm cheeks that I am proud to call my bum! Those aren't my best features though, that of course is my face, which you cannot see in my pictures for privacy reasons, but you will have to take my word for it! I regularly hit the gym (because I do lurrrve food) so the rest of my body is equally sexy, with my curves, bumps and lumps all where they should be. My hair is light black, just past my plump, perfectly rounded breasts, which are definitely nice handfuls. Matching my hair are my pretty black eyes with long luscious lashes and gorgeous glowing skin. I would say I was around 5"5 and a slender size 10. I know, I know it all sounds so cheesy but the truth! I don't really know what original things to say about me that you haven't heard repeated on other girl's sites over and over!

I want our experience together to feel easy, effortless. To be able to explore our fantasies, as I too want to learn new things, push boundaries. and have a giggle at the same time! It is important to me that you are happy too and that we have a great time together. I want you to leave me feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, feeling great..and of course with a huge smile on your face!